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Time to Just Be

Updated: May 3, 2020

Yesterday I drove with the windows down a bit, it was such a beautiful day. As I sat in that present but hypnotic state of a long, lonely road, a single car passed going the other direction. The sound the car made, the burst of air in my window and pushing against my car as it approached then sped quickly toward where I had come, all took me back to being a little girl.

I breathed deep and let the memories and the feelings come, and I could remember the anticipation of traveling with my family. As another car passed, for a few seconds I was that little girl again, sitting in the backseat with my brother looking out the window. I could smell the fresh clean air from decades ago and feel the simple bliss of just being.

I could relive what it was like when life was light and it was so easy to let go. When it was natural to allow, without worries or cares. No politics, no Coronavirus, no Facebook, no memes. I slid my hand out the window as I had done so many times as a child, to feel the air against my hand, and it was if time blended.

I drove this way for a few minutes, letting my hand ride the air currents, feeling the quick and subtle temperature changes on my skin, the wind blowing my hair, and feeling totally present to the moment. For those precious moments, I was completely open and completely free. I felt safe. I felt loved. I felt cared for and protected and had the innate knowing that everything is as it should be.

I could probably have driven the remaining 15 miles in this place of openness and bliss, had it not been for some notification the dinged loudly on my phone, breaking the reverie of my childhood. But the feelings were not lost, and I kept those with me as long as I could. My hope for you today is that you too can find a way to let go. To fall into the ease and peace of a moment and allow a feeling that fills you up instead of depleting you. You are loved. You are safe, and everything is as it should be.

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